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  1. Plant Based Bigness DISL Automatic
    "Being vegan ain't a diet, it's a lifestyle and we live this. Plant Based BIGness, you see the way I lift this, big heavy weight, I ain't protein deficient!" Check out the full Vegan Rap on YouTube!
  2. Cate McHugh Cate Vegan Lassie
    "A plant based diet is often viewed as extreme, restrictive and time consuming. As a busy vegan Mum and fitness enthusiast who works full time, I want to debunk those myths! I cook simple, tasty vegan food that the whole family will love!"
  3. Jay Ramsurrun plantbasedcitizen
    "As a life-long vegetarian I was raised to believe all life was equal and to treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated. Little did I know how much I was harming animals through the consumption of dairy and eggs! With that extra knowledge, a fully plant based diet was the online logical sollution!"
  4. Niki Sparkle _niki_vee_
    "People often seem shocked to find out I'm a vegan. Most people associate muscle with a meat and dairy based diet. I am proud to be a vegan athlete knowing my future gains are cruelty free and plant based. I'm hoping to inspire and show there is a better way to improve physique than by eating and exploiting animals!"
  5. Elaina elainathevegan
    "After researching a vegan lifestyle, I realised this was the only way forward. As a massive animal lover, I take comfort in knowing the choices I make everyday cause no harm. Everyone wins when you are vegan, you, your health and the animals!"