1. Executive Director
    Niki Sparkle
    "People often seem shocked to find out I'm a vegan. Most people associate muscle with a meat and dairy based diet. I am proud to be a vegan athlete knowing my future gains are cruelty free and plant based. I'm hoping to inspire and show there is a better way to improve physique than by eating and exploiting animals!"
  2. Executive Director
    Elaina Machin
    "After researching a vegan lifestyle, I realised this was the only way forward. As a massive animal lover, I take comfort in knowing the choices I make everyday cause no harm. Everyone wins when you are vegan, you, your health and the animals!"
  3. Executive Director
    Jay Ramsurrun
    "As a life-long vegetarian I was raised to believe all life was equal and to treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated. Little did I know how much I was harming animals through the consumption of dairy and eggs! With that extra knowledge, a fully plant based diet was the online logical solution!"
  4. Executive Director
    Plant Based Bigness
    "Being vegan ain't a diet, it's a lifestyle and we live this. Plant Based BIGness, you see the way I lift this, big heavy weight, I ain't protein deficient!" Check out the full Vegan Rap on YouTube!
  5. Executive Director
    Cate McHugh
    "A plant based diet is often viewed as extreme, restrictive and time consuming. As a busy vegan Mum and fitness enthusiast who works full time, I want to debunk those myths! I cook simple, tasty vegan food that the whole family will love!"
  6. Executive Director
    Bea Lovegrove-Owen
    I was brought up to always treat others with respect, regardless of their background, ethnicity or religious beliefs. I realised that this shouldn’t just include humans, it should be about all species. There’s such a beautiful range of tasty vegan treats and meals out there, and I’m so relieved that I found a protein powder that not only reflects my beliefs but also tastes so good!
  7. Executive Director
    Dorain Bass-White
    I spent years believing that animal products were critical to building and maintaining a muscular physique. Boy was I wrong! Since switching to a vegan diet my physique, performance and energy levels have all improved drastically. My goal is to show everyone that you can build an awesome body without harming other living creatures. Do I look protein deficient?